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Articles by Ibrahim: IronPython Console, ASP.NET, Visual Studio and

Ibrahim is the Turkish blogger whose posts and articles on IronPython that we've featured before. He has published several more articles in English on working with IronPython and one article in Turkish.
 In this article we take a deep look at IronPython Interactive Console. We will see some basics of Python and IronPython to become acquainted with the IronPython environment.

IronPython interactive interpreter console is the easiest way to start using IronPython.  We can easily explore whole IronPython world which is include ironpython modules, .Net libraries and Python Built-in’s. For IronPython starters it’s great way to exploring .Net Libraries. We can use IronPython Interactive Interpreter for start to developing WinForms, COM objects, WPF, XNA, Embeding C#, Silverlight… projects.
One of the IronPython development area is Asp.NET. In this article we will see Visual Studio 2008 Asp.Net integration.
First check out the features of Asp.NET here and ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support.

Then download the Asp.NET IronPython integration for visual Studio 2008 installer here.

Asp.NET with IronPython is really rocks! This combination gives us time/performance advantage. Especially in small scripts for events, python code is too short and powerful! So we can prototype projects quickly.

Because of Dynamic Language, it will work server-side on client’s machine and it works dynamicly. With this feature we can connect websites faster.
IronPython Studio Installation & Visual Studio 2008 Integration

IronPython Studio is a development IDE for developing IronPython projects based on Visual Studio. It’s like developing web application IDE "Visual Web Developer 2008 Express" for a specific development area. Built on Visual Studio and it’s free.

First of all you shouldn’t install ironpython studio setup directly. You must install some pre-requisites. If you try to install directly after that you get an error “Cannot find one or more components. Please reinstall the application”.
You should first install Visual Studio 2008 Shell setup. It is available for Visual Studio 2008 Shell, Isolated and Integrated modes. You can install isolated mode from here about 380MB. After the installation open it from installed directory.
“IronPython” = Python + .NET

Merhabalar, bu makalem Readmee dergisindeki ilk yazım oldu. Umarım bu güzel dergide makale serimle sizlerle birlikte olur ve her ay buradan IronPython maceralarımı sizlerle paylaşırım.
Öncelikle kendimi tanıtayım. Ben İbrahim KIVANÇ. Erciyes Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Mühendisliği 4. Sınıf öğrencisiyim. 2 yıldır üniversitemde Microsoft Student Partner olarak görev almaktayım. IronPython projesine hem makale hem de yerelleştirme olarak yardımcı olmaktayım.

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