Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Good Mix 25: The SharePoint Object Model, IronPython Tutorial, Crazy Snake and IronRuby

Yet another collection of IronPython and DLR related articles, projects and blog entries from the past few weeks.
 The iLove SharePoint blog recently posted an example of using the SharePoint object model from IronRuby. In the interests of balance he has posted the same example with IronPython.
 The AvbWiki, a Russian developer wiki, has put online several IronPython tutorial pages. It looks like it is mainly based on the tutorial that comes with IronPython 2, but could be a useful online reference on IronPython.
 Another release from the mysterious Japanese IronPython and Windows Forms project that we've covered before.
 This weekend I finally got around to downloading IronPython 2.6rc1 to test it against the upcoming builds of Mono 2.6 preview 1 (the version numbers matched, it felt right). Additionally in the land of Mono, I've been toying around with the IKVM project as of late, as a means of bringing some legacy Java code that I'm familiar with onto the CLR. As I poked in one xterm (urxvt actually) with IKVM and with IronPython in another, a lightbulb went off. What if I could mix different languages in the same runtime; wouldn't that just be cool as a cucumber? Turns out, it is.
 The last good mix collection included the release of SharpDevelop 3.1 (the Windows .NET IDE) and its support for IronPython. An alpha preview of an addin for IronRuby support has also now been released.
Support for IronRuby 0.9.1 is now available for SharpDevelop 3.1. The IronRuby addin is an early alpha preview release/proof of concept and is not an official part of SharpDevelop 3.1 so it is available as a separate download at the end of this post.

  • Code folding
  • Syntax highlighting
  • File and project templates for Console and Windows Forms applications
  • IronRuby Console window
  • Windows Forms designer (limited)
  • C# and VB.NET code conversion to Ruby (limited)

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