Thursday, July 31, 2008

IronPython in Action: All 15 Chapters Available in Early Access Program

All fifteen chapters (427 pages) of IronPython in Action are now available in the Manning Early Access Program. The last few chapters (12 -15) are now being perused by our reviewers, so there may be minor changes, but this is an important milestone. You can read more about the last chapter (Embedding IronPython in .NET Applications) on my blog, and see the whole table of contents on the IronPython in Action website:
The new chapters available in the "MEAP" include Christian Muirhead's chapter (12) on Databases and Webservices, plus chapters on extending & embedding IronPython and Silverlight.

Still to do are the index and appendices plus updates to the earlier chapters (particularly the first chapter) in the light of changes to IronPython over the eighteen months or so that we have been writing it.

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