Saturday, July 26, 2008

IronPython and Silverlight - Part 2

There is a new post on "Kim's Blog" about Silverlight. This is a follow-up to IronPython and Silverlight Part 1.
The blog entry is in French, but with clear example code using WebClient to make network requests and fetch a page (or data) from a specified Url.

WebClient is asynchronous, so to fetch resources with it you must call DownloadStringAsync and provide a handler for the DownloadStringCompleted event. (Although I'm pretty sure that you don't need to wrap the handler method with an explicit DownloadStringCompletedEventHandler delegate as IronPython will do this for you.)


  1. Hi Fuzzyman,

    About webclient, you're right :).
    It is not necessary to use a DownloadStringCompletedEventHandler delegate

    Thank you

  2. Hi Kim,

    Sorry I couldn't work out how to comment on your blog!

    Nice articles though (I understand the code!).



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