Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Programming Languages @ PDC 08

Harry Pierson (IronPython PM for Microsoft) has posted some of the programming language sessions that will be part of the PDC 08 conference.

Naturally this includes a session on dynamic languages.

Deep Dive: Dynamic Languages in .NET
The CLR has great support for dynamic languages like IronPython. Learn how the new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) adds a shared dynamic type system, a standard hosting model, and support for generating fast dynamic code. Hear how these features enable languages that use the DLR to share code with other dynamic and static languages like VB.NET and C#.
For programming language geeks it looks like there is a lot to looks forward to at PDC, with sessions on F#, the future directions of both C# and VB.NET (both of which will include support for better working with dynamic languages), and C++.

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