Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Snippets from Devhawk

Harry Pierson (Devhawk and Microsoft IronPython PM) regularly blogs interesting snippets of news. His "Morning Coffee 166" edition has several IronPython and Dynamic Languages related pieces of news.

There is a new Dynamic Language Runtime Hosting spec available (doc, pdf). If you're embedding IronPython into languages  like C#, VB.NET or even F# or Powershell, this is an invaluable and surprisingly readable document (well - if you like reading heavily technical documents).

As IronPython PM Harry has a new boss - Dave Remy. Dave doesn't blog, but Jim Deville, a new member of the Dynamic Languages team working mainly on IronRuby does.

There is also yet another new member of the Dynamic Languages team. Oleg Tkachenko, who also blogs.

IronRuby has a new wiki and homepage. The front page has a bright and shiny picture of Matz (Ruby BDFL) wearing a Python T-Shirt!

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