Wednesday, July 30, 2008

.NET 4, C# 4 and the DLR

The recent C# 4 Meet the Design Team Video discussed the future of C# 4, and in particular how it might have more features inspired by dynamic languages and offer better interoperation with the DLR languages like IronPython and IronRuby. (Currently dynamic objects created using these languages can be used from statically typed .NET languages - the DLR provides an API to do this - but it could certainly be made more convenient).

In this blog entry, Jb looks at potential DLR integration into C# 4 and particularly examines the similarities between LINQ Expression Trees and DLR ASTs (in fact these will be merged completely at some point to use the same representation for LINQ expressions and parsed dynamic languages - this will not only be simpler for developers working with both but make it a lot easier to bring LINQ into DLR languages):
UPDATE: He's followed up with a new post, confirming that in IronPython 2 Beta 4 (not yet released but the sourcecode is regularly synced from the teams internal repositories to Codeplex's TFS and available for download) the "Microsoft.Scripting.Core namespace has been renamed to System.Scripting, and that the DLR AST has been merged into System.Linq.Expressions".

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