Monday, July 21, 2008

Embedded IronPython 1 - The Simple (and Chinese) Way

This blog entry by Terence Chao is very short, and barring about two words all in Chinese. However it links to a PDF document (by the author of the blog) with examples of embedding IronPython 1 in C# and using IronPython to automate Excel. More Chinese text, but straighforward code examples:
His Excel automation example takes command line arguments to convert Excel files into CSV files.

If you are (or can read) Chinese, then you might also be interested in these entries:
A simple example of the IronPython 2 hosting API, executing code from a string. This entry is mostly code, with screenshots and diagram.
This one is mainly text, but appears to be a pretty impressive IronPython tutorial. It looks like it is the start of a translation of the tutorial (by Microsoft) that comes with IronPython. You can find it on the web here.
Another blog entry with screenshots and code (XAML plus IronPython). This one on using IronPython inside Silverlight.


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