Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IronPython Projects, IronPython IDEs and Python in the Browser with Silverlight

IronPython in Action is nearly complete, and once it really is finished I will have more time to work on projects that have been waiting in the wings.

This includes several IronPython related projects (including a documentation tool that runs under IronPython, user controls specified in XAML for dynamic languages for WPF and Silverlight, and an IronPython IDE):The IronPython IDE of course is IronEditor, a project by Ben Hall to create an IDE for Dynamic Language Runtime languages and to run on Mono and .NET.

The Industrialization of Software blog has a great roundup of (.NET) dynamic language IDEs and interactive environments. He is particularly focussed on web based environments:
His blog entry mentions Silvershell, a Python interpreter that runs inside Silverlight 2. It is written by Dan Eloff and has nice features like auto-indentation and completion. Currently it only works on IE, but Dan will work on this when Silverlight 2 is out of beta.

Try Python is one of the projects I'd like to work on once the book is complete. I intend to make it a tutorial series for teaching Python that only needs a browser and Silverlight. Currently it uses Python in the Browser, which is an interactive Python interpreter that runs in an HTML textarea. I have various options for improving "Try Python" and one of them is to build it on top of Silvershell:

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