Friday, July 18, 2008

C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

A channel 9 video interview with Anders Hejilsberg and the C# design team on the future of C#, specifically C# 4.0. The team (and video) includes Jim Hugunin (creator of Jython and IronPython) and the discussion rambles around language design issues, the importance of concurrency, and how dynamic languages are influencing C# and the Common Language Runtime. The video is an hour long (and the high quality version around 950mb to download), but very entertaining - although Anders doesn't seem to realise that there are plenty of IDEs for dynamic languages with capable intellisense features.
From the introduction to the video:

C# 4.0 will contain many new features that will help developers be, yeah, you've heard it before, more productive. There's also some very interesting work going on with adding dynamic constructs to the language, which is of course very interesting given the static nature of the C# language.

In this video you will not get any specific details since the C# team wants to reveal exactly what they've done at PDC 2008. That said, you'll still get a very clear sense of what they've been up to and where they're taking the language.

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