Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inside IronPython AST - Parts 1 & 2 (Chinese)

These articles on the Chinese "Aim and Action" blog look really interesting, if only I could understand them. It is a two part look at IronPython 2 from the inside - exploring how IronPython (and the DLR) parses Python code and the resulting AST. Although there are some diagrams I'm afraid you won't get much out of them if you can't read Chinese. Still, they look good.
In fact this chap has done a series of articles on IronPython, although the other entries more cover Python features like decorators, higher order functions and generators. It's nice to see that the Python and IronPython community is truly international.

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  1. These two posts are basically an updated version of Bill Chiles's CLR Inside Out column on MSDN Magazine, 2007 October issue:
    IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime.


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