Saturday, January 10, 2009

DevHawk on LiveFX

Harry Pierson has been playing with Windows Azure and the Live Framework.
In this first post he uses the Live Framework SDK, showing IronPython code to do the following:
I retrieve the user’s ID and password using raw_input (Python’s equivalent to Console.ReadLine). Finally, I connect to the user’s LiveOperatingEnvironment and pull their name, email address, personal status message and the number of contacts they have.
In the second post he accesses LiveFX via the raw HTTP interface rather than the .NET assemblies. He again shows IronPython code using WebRequest - with XmlReader to handle XML and uhm... simpler techniques for handling JSON.
In the third post on LiveFX rewrites his scripts to use the LiveFX Python module by Ori Amiga the Live Framework group Program Manager.

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