Wednesday, January 14, 2009

IronPython in Action News and Summaries in Italian

IronPython in Action inches ever closer to publication. Several people have been reading and reviewing the early access version of the ebook. To cover news about the book and its accompanying sourcecode, plus online reviews, I've started an IronPython in Action news blog:
(The blog is run with the excellent new Python blog engine: Zine.)

We've just had the latest deadlines from Manning, and the latest blog entry sets out the schedule - if all goes well the book should go into publication in the middle of next month.

Another of the blog entries notes what Lawrence Oluyede has been up to with the book. Whilst reading he has been posting summaries of each chapter in Italian. So far he is up to chapter 12 (and by what I can make out from Google translate he is enjoying the book).
Lawrence assures me that when he has finished the book he will post a review in English!

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