Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scripting Second Life with realXtend and IronPython

realXtend is an "Open source platform for interconnected virtual worlds".

The server can be scripted with Python using IronPython:
realXtend adds Python script support for the server using Ironpython. The script uses a different kind of system compared to LSL scripts which use the inventory system. This is because the scripts are more powerful and can also access the server machine's other resources. The scripts are stored in the server's ScriptEngines\PythonScript subfolders, not to database. By default this folder contains the RXCore folder which contains the core implementation of the script engine so this folder shouldn't be modified. Samples folder contains some example scripts.
Apparently realXtend can also be used to do some pretty funky things with Second Life scripting:
One of the most annoying aspects of supplying parameters to scripted objects in Second Life is the need to use notecards. Notecards have a variety of annoying restrictions, and LSL lacks decent parsing tools for dealing with parameters on notecards. In contrast, RealXtend has a remarkable, but up till now undocumented facility for supplying configuration data to models in any format you like with virtually no size restrictions on the data. When combined with your favorite object serialization library in Python, a fantastic world of possibilities for initializing and persisting object data appears.
Even better, the blog entry use ConfigObj and has plenty of code, screenshots and a video!

It looks like Peter's blog has other entries showing example Python code for use with realXtend (like this one), so it could be worth an explore.

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