Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Resolver One 1.3.1 and the $25000 Spreadsheet Challenge

Resolver Systems has just announced the release of version 1.3.1 of Resolver One, the IronPython spreadsheet. This is purely a bugfix release, with a few usability fixes and documentation improvements.

Resolver One 1.3 was a major release that I didn't cover on this blog. It had several major new features:
  • Row and column level formulae
  • Improved startup time
  • An option to trigger a recalculation, reloading all imports
  • Various API and usability improvements, plus bugfixes
We're currently working on the next major release of Resolver One, version 1.4. The major features in this include moving to IronPython 2 and preliminary support for using Numpy in your spreadsheets through Ironclad.

The spreadsheet challenge is a competition run by Resolver Systems. We're offering $25000 in prize money for the best spreadsheets created with Resolver One.
We're so confident about the revolutionary potential of Resolver One that we've set up the $25,000 Resolver One Challenge. Every month between now and May, we will be giving away $2,000 for the best spreadsheet we receive. And in late May, we'll be handing over $15,000 for the best of the best. Let your imagination run wild.
To go along with the announcement of the competition, Jonathan Hartley created a brand new Resolver One tutorial taking you through all its major and special features (with examples to follow).
Oh, and in other Resolver related news, Resolver Systems is currently being featured on the front page of the Daily WTF!

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