Saturday, January 31, 2009

IronPython at PyCon 2009

The talk schedule has gone up for for PyCon 2009 in Chicago. There are three talks on IronPython, plus a tutorial on the Wednesday before the conference.

PyCon is the international Python conference, and the highlight of the Python year.

The conference dates are:
Jim Hugunin is one of the invited speakers, so his talk doesn't yet appear on the schedule - but his usual talk is "IronPython the Road Ahead".

The other two IronPython talks are:
  • IronPython Implementation, by Dino Veihland (core IronPython developer)
IronPython is an implementation of Python running on .NET. This talk will provide an overview of the IronPython internals. The talk will start with a high-level walk through of the IronPython architecture and source layout. From there we’ll drill into details such as method dispatch, how the .NET and Python type systems interrelate, multi-runtime support, and how IronPython uses the DLR. Finally we’ll bring it all together and show you how you can do Python aware interop between .NET and IronPython. Whether you’re just curious about language implementations, planning on hosting IronPython in your own app, or just want to write a new built-in module for IronPython you’ll find something interesting in this talk. Knowledge of C# would be helpful but is not required.
As Python grows in popularity, IronPython has started making more waves. What is IronPython and why should regular Python programmers be familiar with it? This session will introduce the open source .NET implementation of Python known as IronPython without using Windows. Come see FePy (IronPython community edition) in action via Mono -- a cross-platform open source implementation of the .NET framework.
In the last year Sarah has spoken regularly on IronPython, and she has blogged about PyCon: PyCon Talks Posted!

Jonathan Hartley and I are giving a half day tutorial on Application Development with IronPython.

If you're a Python developer, this tutorial will get you up to scratch on developing with IronPython on .NET or Mono (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux will all be supported). We'll cover getting started, .NET interoperation and use some of the common .NET APIs like Windows Forms, databases, XML, threading, network operations and so on. You will be coding and it should be great fun - no previous IronPython experience needed!

My blog entry has all the details, plus a description of my talk on testing desktop applications:
The tutorials, whichever you choose, are really an awesome opportunity to get training from some well known members of the Python community.

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