Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Extending your C# application with IronPython

Bernie Almosni looks at extending C# applications with IronPython. He shows how to use the DLR hosting API to create a 'rules engine' for the application - and example IronPython code for adding new rules.
I think that in almost every enterprise application project at some point you’ll come to the conclusion that you need extension points in the system. It can be a Rule Engine, a Workflow of some sort or a pluggable User Interface. So now you want to give someone else the ability to extend or modify the application’s behavior with a minimal effort and time. Of course it’s possible to achieve this with custom tools and code generators that compile and load at runtime, but these solutions are complex and time consuming. Utilizing the DLR as an embedded scripting engine is easy and for my opinion quite elegant.

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