Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Year Selection

Another selection of interesting links related to IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime.
Notable in that this is the first blog entry in a long while from Seo Sanghyeon, maintainer of FePy the community distribution of IronPython.

The blog entry focuses on the differences between how CPython (the reference implementation) and IronPython do encoding name normalisation in the codecs module.
So Python normalizes encoding names received from codecs.lookup. How exactly this is done isn't really specified.

But did you know that the following code work with CPython? (I don't recommend this!!!)

import codecs

Yes, those are three exclamation marks. I'm not kidding...
Jimmy Schementi is part of the dynamic languages team at Microsoft and maintains the integration with Silverlight. This blog entry is really a presentation that he gave in December, but it has lots of interesting parts. Most of the code examples he gives are in Ruby, but he also has a nice high level overview of how the DLR itself (the magic behind both IronPython and IronRuby) works.
Ted Neward gazes into his crystal ball for the coming year(s). One of his predictions has to do with the consequences of the DLR moving into core .NET (becoming a part of the Common Language Runtime in .NET 4).
The IronPython and IronRuby teams will find some serious versioning issues as they try to manage the DLR versioning story between themselves and the CLR as a whole. An initial hack will result, which will be codified into a standard practice when .NET 4.0 ships. Then the next release of IPy or IRb will have to try and slip around its restrictions in 2010/2011. By 2012, IPy and IRb will have to be shipping as part of Visual Studio just to put the releases back into lockstep with one another (and the rest of the .NET universe).
The Coding Geekette has been counting down the subjects in preparation for the Codemash - happening January 7-9th in Ohio. In this post Sarah outlines how Python, Jython and IronPython will be represented. Plus:
This year, I hope to get my IronPython resources section together here on CodingGeekette.com and blog about it a bit more. I will be talking about IronPython at CodeMash, PyCon, and quite possibly PyOhio. If other people want to hear me talk on it, just send me an email at sarah at codinggeekette dot com
This is a 'first impressions' post of a Python programmer trying IronPython. He mentions Ironclad, shows how to load assemblies and import from them, and also has handy hints for using the Python logging module and working with the Windows registry. He also talks about turning IronPython programs into binary executables with the Pyc compiler.

This collection of posts hasn't included much actual code, so the next one will be more focused on practical examples with IronPython.

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