Friday, January 23, 2009

Dynamic Language Testing in Silverlight

Jimmy Schementi maintains the Silverlight and DLR (agDLR) integration, which is now hosted on github and open to community contributions. Unfortunately being a browser plugin, Silverlight is hard to test - or at least was:
getting the infrastructure to run tests has taken some time, but I just committed a Silverlight spec runner for bacon (a little Ruby spec framework) and a bunch of specs for Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight!

So, the tests are written in Ruby, but they test the C# code in Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight ... pretty cool. This is a deviation from my common belief of "test in the language you write the code in", but so what ... I never cared for that way of thinking =)
This test system is reusable by Silverlight apps. Jimmy has a video of it in action on his blog entry and explains the problems with the old system.
To get tests out to the world, the only sane thing would be to head back to the drawing board, which is what I've done with test/runner. Hopefully by using existing open source projects, a testing paradigm most people understand, and a very small test runner, this testing solution for AgDLR will be kept small and friendly for developers.

So, now that there's a sane way to verify changes to AgDLR don't break, please fork AgDLR and send me pull requests! Next post will probably be about adding continuous integration to AgDLR, so stay tuned.

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